Monday, January 5, 2009


Dozo in Japanese means "please" as in please go ahead. So, please go ahead and share with me how we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.

Hhubby and I celebrated it with a few friends at this restaurant called Dozo. It describes itself as a "fine modern Japanesque" restuarant ... whatever that means. It was our first time there, and when hubby called to make a reservation a week before, they asked if we were celebrating a special occassion. They were kind enough to give us a private room, even though ours was only a party of 6. The menu that we had was a 7 course degustation menu, but we were allowed choices for all courses except the first.

Here's some photos of the more interesting dishes to whet your appetite:
Our 1st course was the chef's seafood assorted platter, which I forgot to take a photo of. There was a pan fried scallop, a small bite of foie gras, and something else, which I cant recall.

For 2nd course,the cold dish course, this was what some of us had: the beef tataki,

and the salad with crab claw

The 3rd course was considered a "side dish". This is what I had,the tempura soft shell crab whilst, others had either the foie gras chawan mushi topped with truffles or the escargo.

The 4th course was the soup and most of us opted for the mushroom soup with truffles. Yum! Next was the main course. I had the beef tenderloin on hot stone. The fan is actually deep fried somen noodles.

Hubby had the cod fillet,

and others had the sake-infused unagi on hot stone.

For dessert, they had 6 choices on the menu. So since there were 6 of us, we decided to have one of each. White sesame panna cotta with black sesame ice cream

Green tea creme brulee

Japanese mochi with red bean

Fresh cream cheese cake

Warm chocolate cake with ice cream

Napolean of red bean and yam

But when they served us, they brought 7 desserts - 2 of their famous house special which was the warm chocolate cake with ice cream.

The last course was an iced fruity refresher.

Wines for that evening was all from the year we were married. We had the 1990 Dom Perignon to start, and a few other 1990 reds whose name I do not recall.

Service at the restaurant was attentive without being intrusive, and we had a wonderful time. Thanks to hubby for all the effort for co-ordinating everything for an enjoyable evening. Am I blessed, or what?? :D



iml said...

Nothing is Too chichi for an A* wife, daughterInLaw & mother

Stardust said...

Of course you're blessed, silly girl. Read the ' 12th Day of Christmas... ' again, ' time to be grateful for our many little blessings ', right? Not to forget the big ones at Dozo, a wedding anniversary, and good friends to celebrate with. You're one very blessed woman!

Happy belated 18th wedding anniversary, SAHM. =) I'm happy that you had a fine celebration. Here's blessing you with more to come, and happiness forevermore... =) Bless me too yah. ;P

NomadicMom said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!
Food looks good. Makes me want to go out for a Japanese meal now! :-)

stay-at-home mum said...

Aiya iml, you flatter me la. I no A*, Just trying.

Stardust - yes! Bless you and the bear too!

Nomadic - Next time you come to Spore, try out the rest. Its good.

~ Jade ~ said...

Happy Belated Wedding Anniversary! Indeed A Blessed Lady! =) All these little sweet thoughts and actions show how much your DH treasure and love you and I believe he will have many more lovey dovey things happening for you this New Year! (^^,)

bp said...

yum, yum, yum! so sweet of your hubby! and he is so blessed with u =)