Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Relook at 2008, and Happy 2009

2008 had been a terrific year for me. A year of catching up with many, many friends! In fact, it was the year that all my friends living overseas made it to Singapore!! And the best part was that I managed to meet up with most of them despite this year being my so-called "stressful year"!!.

This year we witnessed the fantastic Beijing Olympics, a new "black" president elect for the US, the china milk tragedy, the Sichuan earthquake, the Mumbai tragedy, the Madoff scandal, the closure of some of the biggest investment houses and banks, and the start of a recession despite a glowing outlook at the beginning.

2008 also saw my son receiving his 1st Holy communion, my oldest daughter doing her 1st major exams and making some very important decisions , the children's 1st winter vacation, my son making it to his school soccer team, Little D learning to read and write chinese, my computer crashing twice, and the best part - me surviving all of that without too much stress - really! (or is it age that has made me forgotten all the stress that I really felt during the year??)

But the good part is: when I look back at it, I still think, the year went relatively well.

2009 will dawn on us really soon. The new school year, having 3 children in 3 different schools, with the oldest having her 1st day of orientation today, - (yes! and its not even 2009 yet!), new schedules, new friends to make, 9 subjects to master, new school environment, and the looming recession - Urgh!! I am already feeling the stress!

Here's wishing everyone God's blessings for the New Year, and may 2009 be a year of peace, opportunity, hope, good health and love! Happy 2009!


Yan said...

Looking at the list for 2009, wow, it's going to be exciting! His grace is sufficient for us to carry on. Healthy and Happy New Year.

iml said...

Sounds like a very exciting New Year ahead with so much "New" in store. Enjoy!!

doc said...

i know it's so cliche, but it's true that next year will be a real challenge. couldn't access your site for some time but obviously, you're back with a bang!

Blessed New year!

~ Jade ~ said...

(^^,) so much had happen and more new happenings in the coming year. Don't stress God will pave the way for each and everyone of us.

May your New Year be filled with good health, love and blessings!

pretzel said...

HaPPY & BLeSSeD NeW YeaR to U & Family :)

bp said...

Happy New Year, SAHM! What a fruitful year 2008 had been for you and your family, and all your wonderful achievements! More of God's blessings in 2009!