Friday, January 16, 2009

Riddle me, tickle me

Recently Little D has been asking me all kinds of funny questions for which I always do not have the right answers. Why? She has been making up her own riddles, and my answers are never the ones she has in mind.

Why did the elephant go to the bathroom?
To pee??
No Mum, To see where the bath sleeps!

I tried asking her some of the more common riddles to show her that I was also into riddles: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. But when she heard my answer, she went: "Lame!" Guess she wasnt impressed.

What's a 4 year-old doing using a word such as "Lame!" on her Mum? Am I so out of touch with the "in-crowd"? I really dont think so. But apparently I am. And it sure makes me feel lousy.

Not sure where this riddle thing came from, coz I havent heard my older kids asking each other any riddles recently, and I dont think its from school. But it sure has got her creative juices flowing. One of my favourite of her riddles is this:

Why did the apple sit on the chair?
Because it wanted to be a chapel!!

So if you have any super good riddles that would impress a 4 year old, please share with me (with answers too please!), or she would think I am really "Lame!"


bp said...

*slaps me forehead* Lil D using the word "lame" already! Only yesterday, Jon used it to describe some worksheet he had to do, and I told him to watch what he says in front of the teacher!

And he stared at me, like I come from a totally different planet becoz I don't speak our kids' lingo! Die lah!

iml said...

your post had me rummaging for this book,'Clean joke for kids' Like you I had been through this 3 times over.
Here are some:
What button will you never lose?
Your belly button.
Why do skeletons stay home every night?
They have no body to go out with.
Where do cows go on dates?
To the Moovies
What do you call a bull taking a nap?
A bulldozer.
Happy Giggling

TripleJin said...

hey.... i didn't realise that this blog was still ongoin!1

slaps oneself... la.. if i only wore those thongs..he'd run far far away!!!


stay-at-home mum said...

yes bp, I sure hate it when she uses the word "lame" on me!!

Thanks iml, I am going to try those riddles on her. Hope I gain some brownie points with it!

Hi Mott! Welcome back. Do give those thongs a try ... he may decide to work back in Melbourne again and never go far away!! LOL!!