Wednesday, November 26, 2008


For as long as I can remember, everytime we travel, we like to go free and easy. Hubby and I do not like to follow conducted tours. We would purchase a copy of a guide book to where we are travelling to, and find our way around. We find that it is more interesting, and leisurely. And if we like a place, we can stay as long as we like, or scoot off if it does not appeal to us. And I sure hate those 6am morning calls!!

The last time we took a guided tour was some 6 years ago to China, but that was part of a school group with my children attending immersion classes, and most of the people on that tour were friends from school, so that was different, and was actually quite enjoyable.

For our year-end vacation this year, however, we are taking a tour! Gasp! Our destination was decided on based on a family vote, and we are off to Tokyo and Hokkaido! Since Hokkaido is a place that is new to hubby and me, we do not speak Japanese, and with the winter weather conditions, we thought we had better follow a tour. Being unfamiliar with the place and having to drive in the ice and snow can be quite dangerous! The tour that we found, fortunately has a number of free and easy days! So, I think we should be not be too harried this time round.

I am so looking forward to the food there. And the skiing and onsen too. Tokyo and Hokkaido, here we come!!


iml said...

Have a wonderful winter time!! I know you will love it there. My brother & family were there last month and they loved it!!! Remember to dip into the many many onsen.

Stardust said...

Have a great trip!! Do take care though becos Hokkaido is crazy cold.

I'm glad that at least you're joining a guided tour.

Ling That's Me said...

so nice to be able to travel. somemore to Japan! my favourite destination!

too bad, we do not have enough to spare for travel :(

NomadicMom said...

We are also FRee and Easy People...But I agree, for certain countries, guided tours are a must. Was just discussing with hubby about the possibility of taking the boys to Egypt..and agreed that it has to be a guided.

Enjoy your holiday to Japan!

bp said...

Enjoy yourselves, you deserve a nice break! And do come back with many many travel pictures and stories to share with us all! Safe journey now!

Constance Chan said...

i also dislike guided tours.. so rush.. a another way is free and easy and then arrange few guides from the hotel concierge. this way can have best of both worlds.