Thursday, November 13, 2008

End of term Party

Little D's class celebrated the end of the school term and year with a party in school. The theme was gold and pyramid.

I wanted her to wear a gold coloured cheong sum for the party. But she found this dress and insisted on wearing it.

I found it too "beauty world", but she loved it!!

For party food, I cracked my head real hard, and could only think of Toblerone. But another Mum had already indicated that she was bringing that. So I decided to make these Chocolate crackles for them. I adapted the recipe a little, and replaced mini M&Ms with gold coloured cauchons and put them in little gold coloured casings:

I must say, it was quite a hit with the kids.

Here's the recipe for chocolate crackles:
1 cup rice bubbles, 1 cup cocoa pops
1 bar chocolate (melted)
Mix them all together and sprinkle cauchons on top.
Viola! there you have it!!


Stardust said...

Ah! You're a genius!! I would so like to have a helping too. =P

BTW, the last pumpkin down there is my fav. =P

bp said...

So sweet D in her gold dress, I miss pictures of D and N and S! Well done on your chocolate crackles, and thanks for sharing the recipe!

And speaking of a gold theme, I have a post to roll out, but have to get round to putting in the pictures! Soon, soon, just been caught up, and erm distracted by a few things.

Glad to see you doing great!

NomadicMom said...

Heehehehe...the baju is abit "beauty" pageant-like. but Look on the bright least it's now and not when she is 18!

Constance Chan said...

hahahah but it would be good to let her choose it then when she grows older gets to gossip over old times and how laugh over her choice of 'ornate'

i used to laugh at some 'orbiang' clothings and jewellery during madonna times too.

pretzel said...

wah, Little D's school life is really happening! So many parties and celebrations to keep the parents busy. :)