Saturday, November 15, 2008


Graduation is the action of receiving or conferring an academic degree or the associated ceremony, where students become Graduates. Source:Wikipedia

In my time, you only graduate when you finish your university. And I only graduated after slogging, (ok, maybe I didnt study as hard as I could or should have) for some 15 years before I got my degree and graduated.

However, nowadays, there are graduation ceremonies for kindergarteners, primary school children, etc. I remember some 6 years ago when my oldest "graduated" from kindergarten. The graduation ceremony was a concert plus prize giving, and my daughter was one of the hosts for the night. I was so proud of her and there were tears in my eyes, as I proudly saw my daughter grow up, and "graduate" from Kindergarten. My precious little one (then) could speak and carry herself so well. It was indeed a proud moment for me.

Last friday saw husband and I at our daughter's school again. This time, she is leaving primary school, having completed 6 years of it. Tho' we knew she was not a prize winner and was not going to be called up on stage to receive anything, we chose to be at the event with her to celebrate the end of her primary school journey, to acknowledge the hard work she put through, and to thank the teachers for their efforts in helping us mold her into an educated and useful citizen.

A surprise was in store for us, as we were not expecting any spotlight on her. Imagine to our surprise, the principal, when she was giving a speech, decided to call on my daughter to identify herself. She then shared with everyone what my daughter wrote about her primary school experience. As I wasnt prepared, I did not manage to video tape that portion of the ceremony (we were told that professionals were hired to record the event). It was a touching, but well written piece my daughter had done as part of their post exam activities, and the principal felt that her written piece probably summarised what every student felt and wanted to say!! I must say, that again brought a tear to my eye.(Why am I so emo??) We were so proud of her! My daughter, who hates attention, wasnt so pleased about that tho'. But that will definitely add to my memories of her primary school education, if not hers!

And with that, my oldest has "graduated" from primary school.

(Results day is Thursday next week. Wish her luck!!)


iml said...

I am sure this day would be the most memorable. To have her essay read out. Better than a prize winner. All the best for the PSLE result. Next week??? So soon?

Ling That's Me said...

I am sure she will obtain very good results ! :)

Stardust said...

Hey, my eyes warmed for a moment too. =) What a special memory to remember.

Something tells me that this gifted child of yours who hates being in the limelight, will grow up being a fine and modest lady. =)

Stardust said...


I've come to wish you a pleasant trip! Have a good time!!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

bp said...

Well done, S, and such a great way to wrap her primary school chapter! And mommy, I think you can expect flying colours, the results out liao? =)

bp said...


and congrats on S's great results! Well done S, well done SAHM!