Monday, July 22, 2013

Zhi Char

Zhi Char in chinese literally means cooking, stir frying. In the local context, it usually refers to a "Chinese food stall serving a wide variety of a la carte dishes usually with white steamed rice and soups". (Source:

Some time back, a friend of mine who had migrated was back in Singapore for a business trip. We were meeting her for dinner and she specifically requested for "zhi char" in a coffeeshop. I guess she was missing the experience.

My friends and I cracked our heads on where to go. (When my family eats out, it is either hawker food, fast food or restaurants. We hardly go for zhi char.) Fortunately she came to our rescue and suggested a place she frequented when she was still living here.

We had a scrumptious meal at a reasonable price. (Sorry no photos!).
This is what we had at the zhi char place:
Stir fried chicken in sesame oil and ginger
Steamed garoupa ,
Fried sweet potato leaves with sambal
Liver, kidney and pig stomach soup
Steamed Tou foo with micned meat

When I got home, my MIL asked about the dinner. I told her all about it, and she suggested that we should actually bring the kids one day since I had enjoyed the food.

But actually there is no need too. Why?? Coz these are the food we frequently cook for ourselves at home!

No wonder I had trouble finding a zhi char place to go to!!

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