Thursday, July 4, 2013

Full circle

I remember when we were young.

Variety of shops available were not that great.

We did most things ourselves. To get help was expensive, by the standards of those times.

Only the really rich could afford the luxuries.

Even a cake for a birthday was home baked.

Then the country prospered.

We became more developed.

Businesses flourished.

Variety became the spice of life.

Cake shops galore.

Nobody baked their own cakes anymore.

It was easier and sometimes cheaper to buy, than to make your own.

BUT we nowadays, more people are now getting back to basics.

Doing their own stuff. Making their own things,

For the last few birthdays, I have been baking.

For my friend

For my child

Simple cakes coz I am no expert. I am not good at the frosting and cake decorating side of it,

And just last evening, my son baked me my birthday cake!!

GASP! A very good first time attempt!!

I am definitely touched.

Thank you my boy for the thought and effort.

Love it.

And a full circle we have come from home baking to buying, to me baking for them and now they bake for me!!


doc said...

in which case, you must listen to the song The Circle Game which you may remember from your teenger days.

stay-at-home mum said...

yeah, I remember that song. Made famous here by asian singer Agnes Chan.

bp said...

So lovely these cakes and made with so much love! Must be super delish!

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks BP. It tasted really good. All gone in a day :D