Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On-line shopping

I am not one that enjoys on-line shopping.

I am the sort that needs to feel, touch, try before buying. Especially if it is clothes.

Just the other day, my husband encouraged me to do some on-line clothes shopping.

Why? Because he found really good men bargains on-line.

He was getting designer brand shirts and trousers at a fraction of the price.

And by fraction, I mean a really small fraction of what we would have to pay had he gone to a brick and mortar shop here.

And based on his past experiences, he is now hooked.

As for me, I have bought a pair of shoes once before on-line.

It came from a brand I had bought from during our trip to the US 2 years ago.

However, when the shoes arrived, they felt a size too small. And to return it, would be too much trouble, so I have been wearing a too-tight pair of supposedly comfortable shoes.

Hence my reluctance to shop on-line.

Well, after much bugging by him I succumbed.

As I am not really large, it was easy to get discounted designer clothes.

In fact many of those on sale were my size.

But to be on the safe side, I bought "relaxed fit" tops.

I thought that would provide me with a bigger margin of error.

No body hugging dresses.

Wish me luck.

If they work out well, then I may be more adventurous and shop more on-line in time to come.

Do you do on-line shopping for clothes or shoes? How was your experience?


Charmaine said...

I have bought clothes on line mainly from Oz stores where I can return by mail or some allow you to return to their bricks and mortar stores. I am more inclined to buy hair products and beauty/skincare online. Sometimes, it's cheaper but sometimes it's a convenient factor for me,

Yan said...

I bought a bag - but it was because I have touched and felt the same bag bought by a colleague online. I got the same one except for the colour. Then I got something from iherbs recommended by Jo for the grains and sweetener I can't get from local store. Oh yes, I buy books online. Yet to try on clothing.

Melissa Weiss said...

I'm not a big fan of on line clothes shopping. I'm like you - I like being able to actually try on my clothing before I buy it. And since I have somewhat big feet (size 9), I don't feel very comfortable buying shoes on line either. But good luck with your purchase! :)

Patryk But said...

Nice blog :) Don't stop! <3