Wednesday, April 24, 2013

World Gourmet Summit

The World Gourmet Summit is in full swing right at the moment.

I was privileged enough to have won two tickets to their Gastronomic Jam Session last Saturday.

It was a day of cooking demos by numerous chefs interspersed with food, and more food!!

Awesome stuff, except that I was a little disappointed.

Why? Because having attended their previous cooking sessions, I found that the new format didnt help people like me.

Many years ago when I attended their cooking sessions by these Guests chefs, we were given copies of the recipes of the dishes they demonstrated. In addition, we were given taste portions of what was cooked to taste. This time, however, no recipes were given out nor tasting portions of the dishes recommended. Some of the people attending simply helped themselves to the dishes cooked by the chefs. But with more than a 100 people at the session, there was no way everyone could get a taste of the food! :(

I also found it disappointing that a copy of the day's programme wasn't distributed to all attendees. I saw that some people had it, but I wasn't sure if they had printed it themselves or was it given to them. It could have been a case of mine being complimentary tickets that I didn't receive it as I wasn't given a "bag" at the door which many others did!

Maybe the organisers should realise that its the little things that make the difference between a good and a great experience at such events.

Apart from that I had a good time. The DJs from Gold 90 FM who Emceed were entertaining. There was free flow of drinks (coffee, tea, ice cream, juice, chocolates, desserts) and lots of food!!

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