Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Blasts

My heart goes out to all affected by the Boston blasts.

Every time some thing like this happens, it brings me back to 26 Febraury 1993, when the terrorists tried to bring down the twin towers but were unsuccessful, and of course to 11 September 2001 when thousands perished without reason.

I remember that day in 1993 very clearly. I was living in New York at that time, in Battery PArk City, a stone throw away from the World Trade Center in NY City.

Whilst living there, I will occasionally walk over to the World Trade Center for lunch. I would usually grab a hot dog or some sushi from the shops there and spend some time browsing thru the shops to kill time before heading home. Just rubbing shoulders with the corporate crowd made me feel a part of the vibrant city. I wanted to do the same that fateful day.

It was a cold morning and I had decided to do some ironing and had the television on. I was about to get dressed and head towards the WTC when something on TV caught my attention. I decided to stay on and watch it. At about 12, looking out my window I noticed there were snow flurries, and then decided against going out, as I hated the cold. As I was about to prepare a simple lunch for myself, I heard what I thought was thunder. Thinking that it was rather unusual to hear thunder when it was going to snow, I dismissed it. Not long after, a phone call came through. It was my husband calling to make sure that I had not gone out for lunch (as he had already heard the news of the bombing and was concerned as he knew that the WTC was my favourite hang out place).

6 people died and about 1000 were injured in that bombing. It was done using a truck laid with explosives and driven into the parking garage of the WTC. The blast from the homemade 1,500-pound urea-nitrate bomb blew a hole five stories deep and half-a-football field wide.

Every time I hear of news of terrorists attacks, it send a chill down my spine. I could have been a victim. It makes me reflect on why I am put here on this earth, and why I am still here, and how I can do my part to make the world a better place.

For those who perished, may their soul rest in peace and may their families find some closure and comfort.

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Stardust said...

I can't imagine how things would be like if you had really make the trip, we wouldn't be acquainted then.

I guess I know what you mean, it's like acquiring a ticket to 'live again' I'm sure the Lord is enabling you for the purpose He has for you. For one, you've been an encouraging friend. Sorry about not dropping by as often as I wish, I've missed you gals actually. :)