Monday, April 8, 2013

A Matter of Perspective

How do you view the events that you face everyday?

Especially the obstacles that come your way? Good, bad, or maybe some view it as something that will make you stronger when you come out of it.

Especially true for me.

When we are shown a glass, we are asked: Is it half full or half empty. But have we considered:

So we really have to try to look at things from a different light.

I used to think that my hubs was spoiling the kids every time he indulged them. I used to feel that children need not be indulged. They can learn to appreciate the finer things in life when they are much older, when they can afford it themselves.

However, after a friend shared with us why he did it, I am all for it.

Here goes: He sent his daughter to the UK for her undergraduate studies. He accompanied her in. Indulged her with a stay in a castle. Dinner at the best restaurants. Drank the best wines, ate the best foods!

Why? Because he's not going to be there watching over her. And when many eligible young men come wooing her, she's had the best of everything. Been there, done that! She's not going to be so easily swept off her feet. She will not be so easily wowed and she will still be level headed enough to assess the guy on his merits.

Great thinking, not?? With a daughter of dating age, that's the defence mechanism I am going to take. We are not indulging her, but buffering her up against any Tom, Dick or Harry!


Stardust said...

Hey hey I think this is one wise move!

Say if you know the one on boys of dating age one day, heheh, please share!

stay-at-home mum said...

Stardust, you have a long way to dating age for your little bear.
By then hopefully I will have some experience and will share it.