Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Would you go?

A woman was invited to attend a dinner by one of her customers (I assume it's her customer and there is nothing else between them, BUT then again I cant be sure).

At the dinner she find that she is the only female there. All the others are male. (8 other men).

It's a boys nite out, so dont ask me why that other guy invited her along.

The next morning she emails everyone to thank them for the dinner. Via that email which she sent out, (you know how people replies to everyone when they send out emails) the boys are organising their next dinner. She responds to say she is able to make it.

Honestly, what kind of woman would do that??

Would you go, if you were that woman??


Lisa said...

It depends on the woman I suppose. I wouldn't myself, but if you're the type that doesn't care about male/female thing and are pretty confident then good on you. I, however, am a wimp!

stay-at-home mum said...

Lisa, I dont think you are a wimp. I think you are a sensitive lady. Why would a woman want to join the men at an all boys gathering? you know how men are when they are together, they will say lewd things, crack men jokes, and as a lady you will definitely be cringing there ... unless you enjoy being in an awkward situation!! That's just my take. And I cant undestand why the OTHER men want her there!!

iml said...

I too would not attend for the reasons you stated above.