Friday, August 31, 2012

How much is expensive?

My husband was invited to a dinner a few weeks ago. At that (home-cooked) dinner, he was served some tomatoes, which he thought was the tastiest tomato that he had ever eaten. He found out where the host had bought it, and then last weekend went to this gourmet food shop to purchase it. The family was treated to these super sweet and firm tomatoes!

When I went to the markets yesterday, I chanced upon the same tomatoes. So I went ahead and chose some.

When I asked the stall holder how much it was, he responded: $1.80 for the 3 tomatoes.

He went on to say: These are really expensive, but they are really sweet and tasty. Compared to those, (he pointed to the local tomatoes), you can get a whole big bag of it for the same price! But those have a sourish tinge which these do not. It's worth the expensive price. (I guess he was expecting me to protest about the price).

I smiled, paid for it and went on my way.

So were those tomatoes really that expensive? Not compared to what my husband paid. He coincidentally bought 3 tomatoes as well. He paid a whopping $10.60 for them!!

Guess, how much expensive is really relative!!


Charmaine said...

Woah... over $10 for 3 tomatoes. That's expensive to me.

stay-at-home mum said...

Charmaine, that's expensive to me too!! But you know men, they dont go to the markets, so they dont realise it's expensive.

bp said...

You got the much better buy definitely! My hubs leaves the grocery shopping to me also!