Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rip off

Do you use spray starch when ironing.

Well, we do. We use The brand "Easy on". The other day, my helper informed me that we were out of it. I usually buy it when I go for grocery shopping at NTUC supermarket. But because she needed it that very day, and I was at Cold Storage (United Square), I decided to buy it there. When I saw the price of $4.35 for a cannister, I thought it was pretty expensive. But I couldnt remember what I paid for it at NTUC, so I bought one.

MIL had walked to the neighbourhood shop when I was at Cold storage. And when she chanced upon Easy on there, she decided to buy a cannister too as she remembered the helper had said we were out of it. She paid $2.85 for it.

We thought that the neighbourhood shop had priced it wrongly when we compared prices at home that evening.

The next day, being our regular grocery shopping day, we went to our regular NTUC supermarket. We decided to load up on Easy on. Guess how much it was? $2.05

Looks like the neighbourhood shop had not priced it wrong at all. I can understand when they price it a little higher than supermarts as they are more conveniently located and do not get to enjoy economies of scale as compared to the larger supermarket chains. I have always known that prices at Cold Storage supermarkets were higher. BUT to charge more than double for something?!? That is outrageous!!

I guess I will be boycotting Cold Storage for a while.


Ling That's Me said...

I never go to CS to buy things as I felt it's too expensive

iml said...

Should be highlighted in the feedback form.

doc said...

don't write CS off because, occasionally, they have good offers on chocolates & biscuits!

JoMel said...

WOW! I only buy certain specialty items from Cold Storage, mostly imported stuff. These day to day items, no way. Imagine the price difference had you bought a few more items?!

Serenity said...

Hello! I have never heard of of Cold Storage, but the prices you talk of I surely recognize. It is amazing how different prices can be depending on where you go. I don't bother with Supermarkets any more. I have found a place called Aldi's. A German Store that has the cheapest prices for food, or other products you may be looking for. Love your articles and your Blog!