Tuesday, August 16, 2011


That's the name of a burger joint at Vivo City in Singapore. It stands for Most Original burgers.

Well, we decided to check it out last Saturday.

And this is what we had:

We tried the cheesy beef fries (a side), the mushroom soup, the bulgolgi beef burger, the MOB full breakfast and the goodfellas (a trio of burgers). We had a choice of burgers for the goodfellas and we chose the classic cheese burger, the chicken teriyaki burger and the salmon burger.

Food was not bad, but not a place I would queue an hour for, nor would I be running back to it too soon. The cheesy beef fries was adequately beefy and cheesy which the children enjoyed a lot. The MOB breakfast came with a steak, a sausage, baked beans, a choice of eggs and 2 thick slices of focaccia bread, and was pretty good.

Service unfortunately could be improved. We were the only ones there at about 12 noon that day. And this was how it went:

Me: Excuse me, what's the soup of the day?

Waiter: Let me check it out for you.

Waiter: (comes back after 5 minutes and says) It's farmur soup. (He says it while trying to put on an ang moh accent)

Me: Sorry, what's that again?

Waiter: Farmur soup. (Still trying very hard to slang!)

M: What's farmur?

Waiter: We call it farmur soup, but it's a vegetable soup. There is carrots, and other types of vegetables in it.

Me: Oh, you mean Farmer soup. How is the soup made? Is it a clear soup or tomato based?

Waiter: Wait ah. I will go find out.

Waiter: (After another 5 minutes comes back and says) It is a cream based soup.

Sigh. Just speak plain english to me, and all waiters should be briefed on the specials before the shop opens!!


iml said...

OK I'm going to give this a miss.

Wang Tai Tai - 王太太 said...

I thought it was MOS burger. Aargh I miss their burgers. The only one in KLCC (KL) closed down. :( If I should visit Vivo City in the future, maybe I will drop by. Hehehe, maybe by then, they would have improved in their product knowledge, eh?

ilene said...

They sure chose the right place to open this burger thingy as many students from NUS love to hang out there - my daughter for one! Must let her know .... :)

doc said...

new joint, new staff, so can expect teething problems.

stay-at-home mum said...

doc - the joint has been around for more than a year already!!

Stardust said...

I'll be saving tummy for the local delights then. ;)