Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are our kids getting soft?

After the photo of a maid carrying the backpack of an army boy appeared in the press here, the question on everyone's lips now is: Are our kids getting soft?

I think, the answer is definitely "YES!". In fact, I think , too soft!

Why do I think that?

When our forefathers ventured out, they came with nothing. Hence they had to work really hard to earn a living. The hardship that they faced made them more resilient.

Our parents, were one of many children in the family. Their parents worked really hard to eke out a living, and hence did not have much time for them. They practically grew up on their own, and many even had to look after younger siblings or left school early to help bring home the bread. (Couldnt afford bacon then!)

Then came our time. Families became smaller. People became more affluent. Technological advances made certain work easier.
People learned to enjoy life.

And from personal experience:

Many of us are having kids later and later. With every year delay in child bearing, it gets more and more difficult. Well, I had my first child after 6 years of marriage, when I was well into my 30s. We had almost given up trying, and then God decided to bless us with our eldest. Naturally, she was SOOOOOOOOOO precious to us, and we gave in to her quite a bit ... and still do.

When our second child arrived, he is the only Grandson carrying the family surname - naturally he is doted on and pampered by his grandparents (and parents too - how can we play favourites right?) - hence, another softie in the making.

As for my youngest, she arrived after I turned 40. As some of you may already know, she does have some medical problems, and as such, she is watched over a little more, and as a result, a little pampered too! (OK, a little may be an understatement).

Hence, my conclusion: with every generation, the kids are going to get softer and softer!


Stardust said...

Sigh.. I have a feeling that I'm going to raise a soft one too.

Especially when you don't want the fella to go through what you have, that's how it goes. :/ So, any tips on correcting the whole thing?

ilene said...

... and who's to blame? hehehe.....

stay-at-home mum said...

Stardust, as you can see I can't help much as I am also bringing up sorties!

Ilene - erm.... the grandparents? Lol!

bp said...

haha, i have also been giving in to my kids... meimei has taken over my laptop, n it's also coz i'm worn out from running ard for boys' activities n school n behind in housework becoz of them, i'm online less!

catching your posts via the reader whenever i get the chance, n always thankful for your sharing n insights, n jokes n laughs!

blessed weekend, u r such a great mommy!

NomadicMom said...