Friday, March 4, 2011

Should I put her to the test?

MIL will be travelling for some urgent matters very soon, and the very weekend that she will be away, hubby and I have a wedding dinner to attend, which we committed to before MIL knew of her urgent travel needs.

So who will watch the kids?

The maids have NEVER watched the kids. So I dont expect them to do it .. coz they wouldnt know what to do!! Actually, if it was only the two older ones, I would have no qualms about leaving them by themselves. But with the youngest, I feel she needs someone older and more responsible to be around. (OK I may be a little over-protective here, but you know my reasons!!)

My oldest has volunteered to watch the other two but I am a bit nervous about it. Why? Because, the other two are quite capable of acting up and testing her when there are no adults around. And I am quite sure they wouldnt go up to bed when she tells them to. And should they get into a fight, I am quite sure she would not be able to handle it!!

I have been told that it would be a good time to let her try, and it would also be great for bonding between the siblings. I know it is only but a few hours and we are only a phone call away, and the maids can intervene if necessary.

So why am I wondering if I should be putting her to the test?

Anyway, since it's Friday, here's my joke for the week:

A young man volunteered to baby-sit one night so his parents could have an evening out. At bedtime he sent the youngsters upstairs to bed and settled down to watch football. One child kept creeping down the stairs but the young man kept sending him back. At 9pm, the doorbell rang, it was the next-door neighbour Mrs. Brown, asking whether her son was there. The young man brusquely replied, "No". Just then a little head appeared over the banister and a voice shouted, "I'm here Mom but he won't let me go home."

And here's another:

When a woman's friend was having her third baby in four years, she volunteered to keep the older two children overnight. One night turned into several, and eventually the woman was running out of supplies. She asked her husband to go over and get some things from the friend's husband.

"Did she give you everything?" she asked.

"Yes," my husband said, grinning. "A box of diapers, two sacks of clothing and the children's birth certificates."

Have a great weekend, and if you have a big night out planned, I hope you have a babysitter!!


Stardust said...

Aww... Kids will be kids, but your fellas look so sensible!

I understand the hesitation behind putting certain people to test, but they might be waiting and hoping to be trusted in. Anyway, I hope you'll come up a plan real good. Happy weekend!

bp said...

It's so sweet of S to volunteer to babysit her two sibs!! I think she's ready and will do her best :)

i do have my own concerns over hiring babysitters with my youngest still little, n even more after a recent case of a babysitter here who used deadly force on the young child she cared for, and she is a friend of the family some more.

In S's case, you know she knows N and D well, plus there are the maids as her backup help. Just my 2 cents.

Hope it'll all work out just great, and you n your hubby will also have a great time out at that wedding dinner!

NomadicMom said...

I think the kids tend to behave better when mommy is NOT around, so I think shouldnt be a oroblem for her to try out...

JoMel said...

the eldest look responsible and mature. I'm confident she'll look after the siblings very well in your absence!

Pretty Pauline said...

Has this happened yet? Who watched the kids? I have 2 boys very close in age, and I'm pretty sure they could NOT handle being alone together. Even though they are 11 and 13! Ack.

stay-at-home mum said...

it has happened!

I called once whilst we were out and was told that the younger 2 were watching a cartoon on TV - and I knew no trouble would brew, as when they are glued to the TV they are there like tree stumps!

The oldest watched the 2 youngest, or maybe it was the googlebox babysitter?