Thursday, March 17, 2011

A case of 2 Tims

I was at the Prize-giving ceremony of the Inter-schools Individual chess championship yesterday.

They were giving out the prizes for the open category - ie school children aged 16 and above and the Chief Arbiter (CA) for the tournament said: In open category, in tenth position is Timothy Chan from Raffles Institution.

Timothy then walked up on stage, from the right towards the extreme left where the CA was standing. Before he could reach the CA, a little boy (barely waist high of Timothy), aged about 4 (in his kindergarten uniform) ran in front of him towards the CA, faced the audience and raised his 2 hands in victory.

Timothy looked a bit puzzled and uncertain as to what he was to do.

Then the arbiter turned to the little boy and said: No, no, not you. I know you are Timothy Chan too.

(I believe the little Timothy Chan was the winner in the 2011 National Kindergarten Individual Chess Championships held a on 6 March 2011). See here

And the little boy had to be carried off-stage by his father.


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Pretty Pauline said...

HA HA! I love kids!

bp said...

I think N must have done wonderfully, that's why you were there :)

How'd D's BMD test go?

Enjoy the rest of the children's hol! I've been running around for boys' activities n more school stuff among other things, pooped... looking fwd to their one-week break already even though it won't be till next month, more weeks to go.

(i can't seem to get this comment thru to u... if u end up with multiple copies, just delete the dups pl).

stay-at-home mum said...
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stay-at-home mum said...

Hi bp
We are awaiting the results of D's test. will let you know when it comes out in 2 weeks :P
Unfortunately, N didnt do too well this time round.
Well, must say we had a good one week break., and I hope you get a good break too!!
Dont worry, only one of the comment came thru :>