Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a half hour earlier ...

Yesterday was an early day for me and the kids ... an early knock-off that is.

The children were dismissed just a half hour earlier from school as the school was hosting some BIG SHOTS from the Ministry and a Minister, and wanted to clear everyone out of school before the VIPs came.

Leaving school just a half hour earlier meant that by 2pm, they were home, had their lunch, showered, and were already halfway thru' their homework.

My eldest, being an exam day, finished early too. I was home by 3.30pm, and I was done for the day (most days I am not done for the day until 5.15pm at the earliest!). And when I came home after picking my eldest, the other 2 had already finished all their homework, practised the piano, their ting xie and spelling for the week, and my son had even done some revision which I had given to him.

So I got the little one to take a nap, whilst the boy went out to kick some soccer balls, and the eldest got some uninterrupted computer time.

And at dinner time, everyone was in a good mood, and finished their dinner without any incident and squabbling and in record time too! As a result, I felt compelled to reward them with an ice-cream treat after they had their fruits. They got to choose the ice-cream flavour of their choice (we have at least 6 different flavours in our fridge!!), topped with chocolate sauce and (gasp!, the dentist is not going to be happy with me!) a sprinkle of hundreds and thousands.

So what am I trying to say in this post? That just a half hour shorter day at school can make things go so much more smoothly at home and everyone so happy!

So why cant the people at the top see this? Why do our children need so long days in school. When they are well-rested, and have time on their hands, they will do the right thing!

yoohoo!! ANYBODY at MOE listening to me?


iml said...

Should sent a note to Mr Ng Eng Hen.

Stardust said...

Not sure ( if any at MOE is listening ), but I am! So for this, can I help myself at your fridgey too? :P

Well, I only can say, yours are great kids who do not fight when put together for another 1/2hr. Some kids cannot tolerate the opposites' presence for mere 10mins!

Anonymous said...

LOL..even if school finished earlier, parents will find some lessons to fill in.

so.. up to the parents I guess...

JoMel said...

our school hours here aren't that long, but some days my kids have tuition, which meant that they have lesser time at home. For the days when there's no tuition, and we're home earlier... yeah... everyone is happier too. :D