Monday, February 7, 2011

My mother-in-law gave me the above plant for Chinese New Year.

When she first gave it to me, two days before CNY, there were only buds. I was told only to sprinkle sparingly, just with whatever water that I could sprinkle from my hand, which was what I did. And look at how it has bloomed.

The florist had told her that the flowers will be purple in colour but surprise! surprise! this plant yielded bluish purple, dark pink, pale pink, and pink flowers. And there is yet another bud that has yet to bloom!

I thought it was so appropriate as there are five "flowers" representing the 5 members of my family, 2 big blooms being the parents and the 2 smaller ones plus the bud being the 3 children.

Unfortunately I do not know what flowers these are called. But they sure are pretty!


JoMel said...

ikea here sells them. they are called hyacinth! Your mil is so sweet. :)

Stardust said...

Hyacinth babe! It's spring time flowers! You're lucky to have a pot with different colored bulbs, most of the time they are sold in a single color. ;)

Stardust said...

Ahh yes, totally apt for representing your family!! :D

iml said...

I remember I stumbled upon your blog when you wrote about the warm relationship between you and your MIL. These days such relationships are few and far between. Lucky Lucky You!

bp said...

These are so lovely, n i also love the symbolic 5 blooms for each one of u... means blooming, fruitful Rabbit Year for u n family, YAY!

hyacinth... i learn something new today, thanks to your sharing n the others' responses :)

at first glance, the bluish ones reminded me of hydrangea, but not the aloe-vera-ish leaves, hehe!

me_tenshi said...

your so lucky to have flowers in one pot with different colors.