Thursday, February 24, 2011

A coveted piece of metal

That was what my Mum gave to me.

This amazing little piece of metal makes little top hats or for the locals here we call kueh pie tee shells. This shells can then be filled with a variety of ingredients and makes good appetisers. Traditionally it is filled with shredded vegetables (turnips, carrots, french beans) and the result is "Kueh pie tee"

Why is this piece of metal so coveted? This kueh pie tee shell maker is more than 50years old, and I know that my niece has been trying to wrangle for it. It can be bought in the market, but they dont make them like they use to! And this particular one is of the right size. The ones we see being sold now are so big that the resulting kueh pie tee cant be eaten in one bite. And to top it off, a seasoned one will usually result in more success as it has been "worn in", so the shells made are more evenly brown.

Well, all's left for me to do is to put my skills to practise!


JoMel said...

Hold on to it with dear life!! you need to pass it on to your kids. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Jo - it will probably be passed on to my son, who seems to show interest in cooking. When I was making "hey cho" (prawn rolls) last week, he asked to learn how to roll it!!

Stardust said...

Sometimes, things made in olden times are like treasures. Even the best machines today can't or don't make them.

Alamak, I've never eaten kueh pie tee before. Where could they be available?

bp said...

Oooh, yummy!!! Glad you have that precious metal! NM tells me the traditional moulds for kuih bangkit are also going to die out.

NomadicMom said...

Yummy! I think this must be something to add to my collection before they make them no more... Together with the kuih bang kit molds, the kuih kaput molds etc etc. Hope I can still find some good quality ones.