Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To delete or not to delete

I shared something on my FB account, and others commented on it.

Some tried to give reasons for the situation. Of course, some of this is quite sensitive as it relates to the situation some others are in. But they made the comment not knowing it, in good faith, and it could jolly well be the cause of the "situation".

As it is sensitive to "others", it was suggested that I should delete some of the comments, since the original post was mine.

The question is: Should I?

I think I shouldnt, coz there is some truth to it. It is unfortunate that "you" are part of the group that caused the situation. Also, wouldnt deleting it amount to censorship ... then where is the freedom of speech? Also, the person who made the comment may be offended that I deleted his post and not the rest (tho the rest was not sensitive).

But then, would not deleting it be insensitive on my part? Honestly, I dont know if I should. My original post was neutral , but the comments tried to analyse the situation and attribute a cause for the situation.

So how? What would you do if you were in such a situation? Maybe the professionals (Yan?) can give their professional advice on a situation like this. Thanks!


iml said...

If it's going to hurt someone's feelings unintentionally/inadvertently then it's best to explain to the writer before deleting.

stay-at-home mum said...

iml - it blew over.
Actually it doesnt really hurt, just sensitive, coz someone attributed some problems to foreign talent and the other person so happens to fall under that category.

Stardust said...

Nod, nodding... yeah, such happens all the time... =(

But a mature reader would have been able to decipher the entire thing, instead of feeling like a dartboard. I mean, for myself, I wouldn't want to be seen as petty especially if I'm not one of the participants.

Maybe I'm one of those insensitive...=(