Friday, July 16, 2010

Rainbow Friends

We are all made different. I would like to think of us all like the different colours of the rainbow - some are red, and yellow, green and blue , etc.

We have our different values, beliefs, likes and dislikes.

But when we all come together ... we are like the rainbow lapis - a local cake that has the colours of the rainbow in it, hence its name ... and it tastes soooo yummy.

So when I met up with some blogging friends ... it was like the rainbow lapis coming together ... a group of ladies, all so different - from different parts of the world, of different age groups, of different beliefs and family backgrounds, but blending so well together ... which was why I chose that as my meeting gift for them. Trust they enjoyed it.

Thanks Ladies for the meet-up. It was my pleasure and blessing to have met and gotten to know ALL of you.


iml said...

Thank You!!! Thank you for the delicious kueh lapis n angku kueh and thank you for making the meeting so delightful.

bp said...

YUMMY!!! And the rainbow lapis is a childhood favourite of mine some more!

Thanks, thanks very much SAHM for everything you got for us, and especially for your thoughtfulness, and for organizing the wonderful meeting!

Here's cheers to our rainbow friendship... friends are there for each other rain or shine, right?! :)

Stardust said...

I like your similitude of rainbow lapis and the pals. That must be such an enjoyable time together!

Ah, I like rainbow lapis too. I loved peeling them in layers, wrap around fingers like band-aids and then sweep the fingers clean one by one. I know, you wouldn't like the way I eat em. Heheheheh.. =P

stay-at-home mum said...

bp, iml - it was my pleasure :D

Stardust - thats the way I like to eat it too, just that I dont have it on all the fingers. Just rolled on one :) And we did have a good time. The next time you come to Singapore, we will do the same thing, ok?