Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Can you un-invite someone?

After inviting someone can you "un-invite" him?

Well, my son was invited to watch a movie last weekend by one of his classmates X. Thereafter, he got a call from another classmate, B, to say that he had taken over X's movie invitation, and now he was the host of the movie date and they were going to watch the movie at an earlier hour at XYZ cinema instead.

My son did not believe B, as he had just left school barely half an hour before B called, and had been with X who had confirmed the movie details. So he just ignored what he had told him.

Well, the next day morning, apparently, B's mum called X's mum to say that they have decided not to host the movie date anymore! (Mind you, this was barely 12 hours from their decision to "take-over" someone else's movie party.) However, they were not able to get in touch with my family to notify us of the cancellation of the movie date!!

Well, anyway, we proceeded to cinema ABC to wait for X at the original appointed time. They were late arriving coz they had gone to Cinema XYZ at the earlier time to see if we had gone there instead. And due to the rain and traffic, they arrived a little later than the agreed hour to meet.

I felt so bad to have put X's parents to so much trouble ... but honestly, we didnt know about all these "change in plans". All I can say is X's parents are super responsible, whilst B's are .... I dont know what to say!!

Can you un-invite after you have invited? And can you just let it go and behave as if nothing happened, if you are not able to notify those whom you have already previously invited?