Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No late calls please!

As most of you know, I am early bird ... waking up that is. And also going to bed. I guess that goes hand in hand, coz I am usually so tired by evening, due to the super early wakes. But the stomach clock is such, that I cant seem to change it. Only way is to move to somewhere like Sydney or Melbourne, then my timing will be just right!

I am also a light sleeper. Any small sound, and I am awake. My baby (ok she's not a baby anymore, she's already 5+) only has to turn in her bed, and I am awake.

So what is this with people calling or messaging late at night. Ok, it may not be all that late for you night owls, but it is for us early birds.

I think there should be no calls or messages after 9pm. Why 9pm? Coz thats when I send my kids up to bed ... and I also prepare for my snooze. And everyone should have some personal time with their loved ones without any interruptions!!

My son has a classmate that used to call every night past 9pm (sometimes as late as 11pm), only to be told that N has already gone to bed. Fortunately, I think, he has gotten the message and calls less frequently at that hour now.

Just 2 nights ago, one of N's schoolmates' Mum messaged me at past 10pm. I had already gone to bed, but being the light sleeper, heard my phone buzz and went to read the message. She wanted some information on the meeting place and time in school for the children. I duly gave her the answer, and was about to go back to bed, when she decided to reply to my response ... coz she was unhappy with the teacher!! I was like "What?" I tried to cut her off with my curt replies (coz, why take it out on me when you are unhappy with the teacher?? And please, you are depriving me of my beauty sleep) but she still continued with her messages, expressing unhappiness with the arrangements, etc (in total about 6). Fortunately she too decided to call it a day at around 11pm. But I thought that was too much, dont you think?

Then again last night, I had a housing agent call me on my mobile at 10pm, coz he needed to get something done. He apologised for calling so late, blaming it on his busy schedule throughout the day, but HEY! I too had a busy day and want my peace, quiet and personal time. Cant it wait till the next morning?

My friends hardly call me at that hour, coz they know I need my quiet time. And I think acquaintances shouldnt call at that hour too. In fact I personally think that no one should call or message (AND expect an answer) after 9pm ... unless its an emergency.

(Guess you can tell from this post that a sleepy person is a grumpy person!)


iml said...

Some people work/think best after 10pm when there's peace and quiet on the home front. And cos they can't sleep till 2am and wakes up at 9! Unfortunately my yawning starts at 10.30 latest.

Stardust said...

Hey Grump, agree with you that unhappy mom went too far. I would have shoot her 'Can we talk tmr?' I'm grumpy too when I lack sleep, dangerously grumpy.=P

You sleep well tonight! =)

bp said...

i know what u mean, i also try not to call another mom (and moms especially) after 9, afraid that i may wake her children.

but it's true for me that after 10, 11, or later, is when i finally can sit down to do something that's not just about the children or housework, the way you are such a early bird :) to get ahead of your children and all that keeps you busy and on your feet. unless of course i steal a moment during a nursing break (like now!) to come catch your update here, hehe!

JoMel said...

you should not respond.. that will send the message loud and clear. Just leave the phone on silent mode, and don't reply back or pick it up. I'm a late sleeper, but I wouldn't pick up the phone to sms or call somebody after 9. Unless I know the person really well, and know specifically that this person is a late sleeper as well.

pretzel said...

agree with JoMel... don't respond to the sms unless it's urgent.
I wake up v. early due to my working hours.. practically living on Melbourne's timezone for the past 25mths.
I usu. respond to those late nite SMSes in the mornings 6am+... hehe.. this sends the msg loud and clear to the other party. ;-)