Friday, April 9, 2010

Water, water everywhere

"Love that water running down your butt" little D said to me one day as I stepped out of the shower. (I tell you I have no peace even when I shower).

I smiled, towel dried myself and started to get dress.

"Now you have covered up the water with your panties!!" she exclaimed.

I thot I hadnt dried myself properly, and said, "Dont worry the water will no longer be there."

Two days later, she was again in the bathroom as I stepped out of the shower. (I tell you she never leaves me alone!!)

"I really love that water," little D said.

"I cant be going around with water on my butt all day long." I said and this time I made sure I dried myself properly. "There! No more water."

"It's still there Mum, and I think it's so cool!" she said. I then realised that she was referring to those cellulite marks on my butt!! "How do you get them? I want them!" she said.

I roll my eyes. "You wouldnt be saying that when you are my age" I told her, and went on to explain to her how those "stretch marks" came about.

So now you know, I have lots of water all about me. ""Shui" like the chinese say represents money and wealth, but I hope that's not the only wealth I have!!

Have a great weekend!!


Stardust said...

This makes me laugh so hard. ( Wah, tears coming out )

It's how lil D phrased it. Really, kids say the darnest thing. =P

Like you, I dun't want the water on my butt, and hope that it's not the only 'water' I have. =P Blessed weekend!

iml said...

Don't you just love children. They say the darnest thing. They make you think if those tears streaming down your cheek are of laughters or cries. Have a wet and wild week!

pretzel said...

ehhh... i hope she doesn't share that with her classmates... :Pp

bp said...

hahaha, lil D, always so cute and candid! Ben had called my stretchmarks tiger stripes before, and Jon had said of course he doesn't want any of them! they said stretchmarks from pregnancy runs in the family... if mom has it, more likely the daughter will, too.

u have a great weekend, too. thanks for dropping by with your comments earlier for Easter. i took the post down to want to add pixes but haven't found the time to upload 'em, n in my delirious state dunno if i'm making sense anymore! thanks for bearing with me, i'm still working with Kait on going to bed at saner hours, even when she refuses that one n only nap.

stay-at-home mum said...

oh Pretzel, you can be sure she will share that with her classmates :P

And she sure says the darnest things. Soemtimes I dont know if I should be laughing or crying!!

JoMel said...

Wuahahahaa! Oh my goodness! Little D!! You're so cute!! :D

NomadicMom said...

Hahahaa.This IS Funny!