Saturday, April 3, 2010

The cold oven has started work again

My oven had been cold at home for quite awhile, not since the year started, I think. I didnt bake ANY cookies at all during CNY, and it was only recently that I did some baking.

1st was the apple turnovers and the apple strudel (just like the famous ones made by Corica in Perth).

apple turnovers
apple strudel

Taste-wise it came out pretty well, and I now have a friend wanting to order them for an upcoming party. Must say that the thot is giving me the "fear of failure" jitters!!

We were at the supermart a couple of weeks ago, and N requested for some choc chip cookies. Not wanting to buy the commercial ones, I told him I will bake them for him. But my schedule this past couple of weeks had been so busy that I just couldnt find the time to do it!

Yesterday, being the Good Friday holiday here, gave me some much needed break from the usual routine, so I decided to bake him those cookies he wanted. I started off with the choc chip cookies recipe, but along the way I changed my mind

I used the basic choc chip recipe, except that when it was time to add the choc chip, I held out. I then scooped out slim and long spoonfuls of the dough onto the cookie sheet, so that when baked they would be oval in shape. Then my two able assistants took over. S&D decorated them to look like easter eggs. I call them the easter egg cookies.

I hope you like them!

Have a Blessed and Meaningful Easter! God Bless!


iml said...

Yum Yum delightful. And a HappY EasteR To You.

bp said...

I love them!

So special 'coz it's homemade by all of u :),

so creative... Easter-egg choc chips, and

must be so yuuummm!!!

Just the thing for this weekend! Happy Easter to you n your family, too, SAHM :)

Stardust said...

Hey, I really love your easter egg cookies! So CUTE!

We had a blessed Easter,glad your side has prepared yourselves in a way. =) God bless!

JoMel said...

I envy you. My oven is still rather cold. :(