Tuesday, December 16, 2008

18 years today!!

Nah! Not talking about my age. Just the number of years I have been married.

Seems like a very long time. But honestly it is not. Time flies , when you are having fun, I guess!!

We have had our ups and downs, good times and bad. We went thru trying years, difficult times, glorious days, etc, but now, I think we have reached a certain level - like in computer games - where we are pretty much on cruise control. Some things he does doesnt irk me as much as it used to, and I guess vice versa. Sometimes we can practically read each others minds. Scary, eh? I guess that comes with being together for a long time.

Well, to my other half - Happy Anniversay! May God bless our marriage with many, many more good years. I love you!!



iml said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks iml!!

Something About Us said...

happy anniversary! my turn is next week! :D

bp said...

Happy anniversary! Cruise control is cool! More wonderful blessings on you and your hubby, and all your children =)

Coincidentally, my wedding was held around this time also... 2 days before yours... 7 years later... hope i got the math right on that ;p

Yan said...

Happy anniversary, a belated one.

May God's blessings be abundance in the many many years of shared life!

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks everyone for your good wishes!!

NomadicMom said...


Satt Fatt!!!! Go buy some 4D!