Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Little Drama Queen

My little drama queen attends drama classes. This is her 4th year doing so.

Term just started this week.

After class when I picked her, I asked her: How many new students are there in the class this term? 

She replied: About 4 or 5.

Me: So who are the old students that are still around? 

D: Old students? There are no old students! 

Me: You know what I mean!

D: You mean the current students, don't you?

Me: No, I don't. Current students means all that in the class this year. I just want to know who the students who were in the class previously and are still continuing. The old students.

D: I am NOT OLD!! All the students in the class are young Mum. And I am not telling you since you called me old! Hmpf!

Tell me: why do I bother sending her to drama classes? She sure doesnt need them She's drama enough!!

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