Tuesday, January 21, 2014

8 weeks

8 weeks have gone by since D's first pamidronate infusion

She is due for her next one end of this week.

Not sure how her bones have strengthened since the last infusion. We wouldn't know for sure until she takes her next bone mineral density test and my guess is that it wont be done until October, a year from her last.

But on the Vitamin D front, she is still Vit D deficient.

She has been on Vit D supplements (2000 IUs a day) for close to 3 months and yet there is no improvement.

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids responsible for enhancin intestinal absorption of calcium phosphate (Source: Wikipedia)

They are not sure why even with the supplements she is still deficient. However, they are unwilling to increase her supplementary intake ... yet ...for fear of toxicity.

So it means that she will have to take an additional blood test in 3 months just for Vitamin D levels.

My little trouper hates taking blood tests.

She has no problems nor fear when they insert the cannula.

But complains when they draw blood!! They are like vampires, she complains. Why do they need two vials just to test for VItamin D, she wants to know. I have no idea!!

She insists on the "magic cream: for the procedure. This cream numbs her hand so she doesnt feel any pain. But the funny thing is, doesnt it hurt more to insert the cannula? For that she doesnt need the cream!!

I really dont understand why. With the cream, we end up spending at least an additional half an hour at the hospital, waiting for it to take effect. With the cream, I end up paying more.

I just want to get it done and over with, and get out of that place as fast as I can.

But, I give in to her. ... just to let her have some control over the situation she is in. Hopefully it makes her feel better about the whole situation she is in.

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