Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunday Best

Do you dress your best on Sunday? Or are you a dress down be as comfortable as you can on Sunday person?

Well, my hubs dresses formerly for work on weekdays, so when weekends come around, he much prefers to dress casually.

As I do not work but am a full time mum, I like to dress comfortably when ferrying the kids and on my errands. So my preferred dress-code on weekdays is bermudas and tees - ideal to brave the heat in this little red dot!

And on weekends, I dress to match my hubs.

One day, I realised that what I wear on weekends is exactly the same as on weekdays!!!

And I have all these nice clothes just hanging in the cupboards.

With middle-age, I have also noticed my waist line expanding. And some of these gorgeous clothes are being out-grown without being worn much - only on special occasions.

So I have decided to do something about my dressing. I have recently decided that I will wear my Sunday best when I go to church every Sunday. That way, my formal clothes will get some air time! And later in the day, I will change to my usual ensemble.

How do you dress on Sundays?


Charmaine said...

I'm like your hubby. Being in suits or work wear for 4 days a week means I prefer a more relaxed look for the weekend. I'm vain so I like to look good even when I'm working from home and weekends. My usual weekend wear is jeans with top (l/sleeve or sweater for cold weather), 3/4 pants and top in the warmer weather. I do wear some dresses on the weekends too for variety.

Yan said...

My company restricted colours like yellow, green, red and only plain colour or stripes. From Monday to Friday, I am restricted to that. But it's not much of a big deal for me as I am basically a "black and white" person. On weekends, only recently, I add in some colours. I wear more dresses and skirts than pants now. Why? Because I dislike ironing pants! LOL.

stay-at-home mum said...

You must look really gorgeous even on weekends Charmaine.
Yan, newsroom seems to be going the way of lawyers and accountants. I was chided once when I was working for carrying a coloured umbrella by my Chartered Accountant boss. He said: Accountants only carry black umbrellas. As it was during the lunch hour, I told him: This accountant is not wearing her accountant hat now. And my clothes during that time was mainly black, navy and white - boring!!