Friday, December 30, 2011

She just doesn't understand!!

Sorry but I have to get this off my chest.

My MIL just doesnt understand!

She just got back from her vacation, and her complaining has started AGAIN! And the scolding of the maid.

She has 2 maids. She treats them both so differently.

One has every Sunday off, gets to watch TV every nite from 7 to 10pm (bedtime), is allowed to have a mobile phone which she can use ANYTIME she likes, and surf the net using our broadband.

The other has no off days, not allowed to watch TV, not allowed to have a mobile phone, and can only make phone calls with her permission.

AND guess which one is the one that gets all the scolding?

I keep telling her that they are both maids, and should be treated the same. As an employee I would be very upset too if my employer showed favourtism and treated two people doing the same job differently.

No doubt one of them has been with us longer and is more capable. But she is also very good at being a tripod ("sar-kar"), knowing how to say the right things to curry favor!

Every time I try to explain it to her, she will just brush me off, and tell me all the things that the newer helper has done wrong, or how slow she is at her work.

The older helper is no angel either. I have caught her asking her friends to come to our home to collect things. She knows my MIL believes everything she tells her, and will not check her things. Then why the need for the friend to come collect things at night? She had actually opted to leave our employment previously and only came back begging for a job after she was tortured by her new employer!

What can I do? Nothing! And it is really frustrating!! URGH!!!!


JoMel said...

now I know why you were so mad! I can understand your frustration. But if there's nothing you can do, there's nothing you can do. Unless you can record conversations or take pictures to show to your mil, this older maid's true antics… sigh, I truly empathize.. afterall I used to live with my in-laws too. Hang in there. Vent it out to your hubs, to your kids, go out for a bit. You'll feel better soon. *HUGS*

bp said...

Hugs, hugs, hugs my dear! Oh this is so tough and frustrating! Hang in there, I hope your MIL can see the whole truth soon, v soon. More hugs, thinking of you.