Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pee Games

Yes, play a game while you pee. Well, that has recently been introduced. Read all about it here.

And its for the men only, not the ladies. Guess its meant to help them aim better and not mess the place up.

Good idea? I dont think so. Why? It is in public places where they have installed these urinals- eg bars, restaurants. Imagine out on a date. The guy goes to the loo, chances upon the game and tries it out. Scores poorly, and in an attempt to better his score decides to give it another go, and then another , and another. In the meanwhile, what happens to his poor date? Sitting out there all by herself wondering what's happened? Did he pass out? Or is he puking somewhere, or had he left leaving her to pick up the bill? And if it isnt already bad enough, the queues to loos are usually long. And add to that a game, public toilets must have dozens of urinals to cater to the crowds!!

So pee games for you? NO! Give me the wii anytime!!

1 comment:

Stardust said...

Again, it's a men's thing. They probably can't wait to pee at one.