Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

My kids told my husband this morning: We like you fat!!

Funny isnt it? I thought they would want their Dad to be leaner and healthier.

But no, they prefer him heavier, and not on a diet. Fat and jolly?

Well, what triggered it was when we walked by a chocolate shop, and the kids wanted to buy candy. I always say no to candy coz the dentist advised me to limit their candy intake to "only on party days, and for no more than 10 minutes in the mouth!". But to the kids, everyday is party day, and anytime is party time!! So naturally I said "no".

Just the other day, one of the kids commented - "Mum, we are running low on ice cream". But there were 4 half eaten tubs when I checked the freezer, so I told them that I wasnt buying any until they finished up all that was left. They are just too used to having 6 to 8 flavours to choose from at any one time, and seeing only 4 meant - "we dont have enough"!

Normally, my husband is the one that buys all the junk food in the house. Chocolates, chips, ice cream, juice. BUT since he has started on this weight loss program (he has lost a total of 10kg already in 10 weeks), he has been controlling his intake of unnecessary calories. Hence the drought at home!!

So, sorry kids, time to cut down on your junk food and candies. Papa's staying slim.

Happy Father's day to all Dads!!


doc said...

in the land of milk & honey, like s'pore, it's difficult to stay away from the good (meaning bad) stuff. so yes, losing 10kgs in 10 days is a commendable feat.

i'm sure he feels healthier, & at the same time, the kids' dental bill ought to have come down.

ilene said...

Gee .. 10 kgs in 10 weeks?! That to me is an achievement!

Wow 6 - 8 flavours of ice cream? Spoilt for choice! Lucky kids!! :)

bp said...

Hehe, fathers always know how to spoil the market, but i am sure your kids just love being spoilt like this ;)

Have a great Father's Day with your cheeky, lovely bunch!

Marley's Mom said...

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Stardust said...

Haha, spoil market.. :P That's one sweet papa at home.

Now I can forgive myself. My stock's volume is always less than a tub and definitely not more than 8 flavors! Ok, what's the culprit behind all these fats then?

Must learn from your guy, 10 kgs in 10 weeks, impressive! He must have worked out really hard!