Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fast working hands

My youngest went for her 6 monthly dental appointment, and I was told she had an extra tooth that was growing upside down, and it was obstructing the growth of her other permanent teeth. The dentist recommended surgery immediately, since it was the school vacation, with school due to reopen next week.

7am on Wednesday morning saw us at the medical centre all ready for her to have her extra tooth extracted, together with the removal of 3 shaky milk teeth, plus 4 others that were causing her mouth to over crowd!

I carried her into the operating theatre. With her on my lap, she was told to breathe into a mask which inflated like a balloon. After 3 puffs, she was "out" and I was promptly told to leave. I was thinking of going for breakfast but was told by the dental surgeon to just hang on for awhile. Before twenty minutes was up, she came out and said the job was done, and they were wheeling my daughter out to me!

8 teeth plus 3 stitches in a tiny mouth in under 20 minutes! Wow!! And it was job well done!

And when she found out that she had 8 teeth extracted she said: I am going to be rich!!

The best part was that, after everything, the little one is still in high spirits, even with only one front tooth.


iml said...

8 teeth! and not traumatised. She is one brave girl!

bp said...

Bravo D for being so super brave, and positive about the whole thing!!! She must be so glad you were there with her the whole time, assuring her everything will be A-OK, and glad it did and done so swiftly, thank God!

Think Papa or Mama Tooth Fairy must have rewarded her handsomely, yah! Smart gal, she knows her Math... just like mommy ;)

APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

The dentists have improoved a lot in the last years, which is great!
I'm also a stay-home-mum! :)
greetings from Portugal

doc said...

fast hands = fast bucks?

Anji said...

Glad it went so well. often it's mummy who stresses the most. I hope she's managing to eat okay now

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Just a Mom said...

great job:) glad it went well. If it were my kids i think i would have tressed the whole time...good job mom!