Friday, May 27, 2011

Those drivers!!

I have been driving my oldest to school for 20 weeks this year already. This job was previously done by her Dad.

Recently, he asked her: Do you miss my swearing at those idiotic drivers?

Daughter: No Dad, mum more than makes up for it. On top of that, I have to put up with her singing as well!

Looks like that daughter of mine is in the mood for taking the public bus to school for the next 20 weeks!!


Stardust said...

Hurhurhur... :P

iml said...

After 2 weeks on the public bus, she'll love your singing.

stay-at-home mum said...

Iml, I reckon too!!

JoMel said...

HaHaHaHa!! :D

doc said...

oooh...she needs to learn the meaning of "don't bite the hand that feeds you."

Iml is right, but knowing kids, i think i can reduce the time period to just 1 week.

bp said...

bwahahaha! cheeky gal! smart mommy! ;)