Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When is it a good time for our kids to start a BGR?

I think most parents would say - anytime is a BAD time! And I totally agree. They should only start it when they are young men and women, never when they are mere boys and girls!

We'll, I think when they are mere boys and girls, i.e. under 18 they should just be focussing on their school work. I know this is an old fashioned view, but I guess I am old fashioned, being, as my kids call it : "so old"!! But i feel that when they are that young, studies should come first. No time for the emotional see-saws that result out of these relationships. No time for dates. Any dates should be on their own account, never out of parents pockets! Gosh! Too many things against young BGRs for me.

My husband is also getting all anxious over this BGR

Why? We chanced upon a post on FB where a girl asked my son : "do you like me?"

What kind of respectable girl asks a boy that, we thought! Anyway, he is way too young! Not even 12, and with major exams coming up, he absolutely has no time! But you know what? My son responded with a "I don't know" !!! * slaps forehead *

Now that girl is messaging him every available hour she has free! And he feels compelled to respond to her. Urgh!!!

Now, you know why I am so against it? Can you blame me?


iml said...

Girls are maturing way to fast! Must be the milk they drink.

stay-at-home mum said...

Or the hormone filled chicken that is being sold?

Stardust said...

Gasps!* How bold lil gals can get these days!!

I can't blame you of course! Take a look at my goosebumps!

On a lighter note, it goes to show that your boy has charm! ;P

doc said...

we worry because we know the complications of BGR, even as many of us parents experienced them when we were at that vulnerable age.

even as teenagers disagree on this, they will realise the wisdom of it all when they themselves have teenage kids.

bp said...

Did u get my longwinded comments? Alamak, how come they went missing?

*slaps forehead with u*

I hope your son's quite focused on his studies still. And hopefully his admirer won't keep distracting him like that. I think when my hubs was in pri school, he had a girl classmate who chased him all the way to the same sec sch! No, that girl is not me lah, haha!

stay-at-home mum said...

bp - no did not get any of your long-winded comments.

Wah Vern sure had admirers from young, but you were the one that "caught" him!!

bp said...

how come? pretty sure i left an earlier comment here n for the previous post also. dunno is it coz of my wonky internet connection.

aiyoh, i caught him ah, shouldn't it be i was the good catch for him??? bwahahaha!