Thursday, September 2, 2010

Teachers Day Presents

This year I had a relatively easy time for teachers day. No more cracking of the head for gift ideas. Why?

1. My oldest organised her own gifts for her teachers together with her classmates. Yippee!!

2. My son said he wasnt going to bring any ... and I didnt force him. Tell you why later.

3. Youngest - I arranged it, but many people had given me suggestions on what to do/get. So it was a piece of cake ...literally. Best of all, all given was really appreciated!

As for why I allowed my son not to bring gifts for his teachers. It is not that I dont want him to show a little appreciation. But you know, boys are just awkward about doing some things ... and like the saying goes: you can bring a horse to water, but you cant force it to drink!

At the end of the school year last year, my son came home with many gifts all wrapped up with the words "Happy Teachers Day". To my horror it was his classmates gifts (that were meant) for the teachers but the boys just didnt want to give to their teachers at all. So what did they do? They swapped gifts amongst themselves. Now it all made sense to me. My son was all for me baking my cashews for his teachers (last year). But actually it was his friends who enjoyed the treats! All this fell into place for me, when my sons friends wrote on their FB page that they have NOT been giving gifts to teachers for the past few years!! And my son confirmed that NONE of the boys brought gifts for the teachers - only the girls. POOR TEACHERS!!

I hope they understand that it is not because the children nor the parents dont appreciate their efforts, but boys just feel it is not them to give gifts to teachers.

So what I will do instead is contribute food instead for the teachers' appreciation lunch when it comes up after school re-opens in mid-september!

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bp said...

these boys ah, my older boy is like this also. what a great idea to contribute to the lunch instead, you're aways so generous :).