Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cant take it anymore!!

Yes, I cant take all the nagging and scolding anymore. And mind you, its not me dishing it out, nor the one receiving it. And she's been home for less than 15 hours including some 8 hours of sleep time!

I am referring to MIL and the help. MIL was away for close to 10 days to help my Sil out in Perth, and now she's back. And since she stepped into the house (literally) she's been at it with the help.

I know the help is at fault - almost 17 months with us and she cant even cook rice !! She doesnt know how to steam food, she will leave pots and pans unwashed on the stove, if no one tells her to wash it, she takes things which she is not supposed to, and will slack whenever no one is watching.

That is quite a nightmare isnt it? Well that's my Cinderella for you!

Well I told MIL long, long ago to just change her, but she refused. She gave me a flat "no" to my suggestion every time I bring it up. And since she supervises the helpers, I have just left it.

The past 10 days, she has been the only helper around as the other had gone home on home leave, and I have been holding the fort .. with almost no help. I did all the cooking myself, including the preparation. I even cook for her to eat!! However, last evening, I could not cook dinner as I had to pick my eldest from school, for music class (exams are next week - Yikes!),and had to pick MIL from the airport - all that between 4 and 6.30 pm. My instructions to her were to cook rice and to fry the fish. I even double checked with her that she knew how to do it, and she said yes. When I got home at 6.30 from the airport - the rice wasnt cooked. She told me that she had put it in at 4.30. Guess what? she didnt press the "cook" button on the rice cooker, she pressed the "keep warm" button instead. And then she put in twice the amount of water that she should have - so what came out after more than 2 hours was something akin to gruel!

I just bare with it, and grit my teeth, making a note for myself not to tell her to cook again. BUT MIL just keeps blasting, and blasting her. Nag, scold, nag, scold, .... urgh! Help! I cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


iml said...

*Hug*Hug* it'll stop once she has gotten it out of her system. Probably guilty for being away for so long leaving you all alone to suffer in silence.

NomadicMom said...

Tahan. Tahan. Surely your other one will be home soon??

Stardust said...

Pat pat... been hard these past days. Yah.. what's the use of blasting while the helper could have been replaced in the first place. I hope she gets the picture better now lor.

Cheer up soon! Huuuhhhgs.

JoMel said...


I've experienced this before, when I was living with my mil. My kids were babies then, and I really needed the maid to help care for them when I was at work.. but with the mil nagging and scolding her all the time, I was really worried that the maid would run away. Or worse, vent her frustrations on the babies. It was a stressful time for me. *sigh*..