Monday, May 3, 2010

With my foot in my mouth ....

I was testing my son on his spelling just last evening. The teacher had given them a list of commonly misspelled words and I wanted him to make sure that he didnt misspell those words in the coming exams.

So, we were going thru' it alphabetically starting with the 'A' words then the 'B' words, and so on.

It was getting to be quite a laborious affair, as he hadnt studied the list well, and I was re-testing him those words that he spelled wrongly earlier along the way just to make sure that he had learnt his mistake!

He, on the other hand, was getting impatient as the Chelsea vs Liverpool match was about to start, and I had told him that he wasnt going to watch it until we had finished the 1st page of words.

In his haste to finish it, he wasnt writing his words properly, and I was getting irritated.

Not able to stand his bad writing any longer, I said to him : All these 'F' words do not start with the letter 'T'!!(he was not curving his letter "f" properly and they all looked like "T" to me!!)


S and N both cracked up on hearing that!

"You said 'F' words Mum!" they shouted, laughing hysterically and we couldnt continue with the spelling practice anymore!!

I tell you these kids!


bp said...

hahaha, at least the girls were listening to what u were saying! and N has them to thank for his grilling cut short!

but i know what u mean, the shortcuts, my big boy's scrawls and some numbers are so unrecognizable, i pity his teacher having to decipher the poor handwriting! or whoever has to mark it, think now more n more the kids check each others' work... guess the teachers have their own 'shortcuts', too! how it's changed since we were students, yah? had better cross our t's n dot those i's! Jon thinks i am being old/old-fashioned! it's called taking pride in our (school)work, no?!

JoMel said...

LOL! At least mummy too shared the humour! :D

My boy has atrocious handwriting, the "aspires to be a doctor but not anywhere near qualified to be one" kind of handwriting. Sometimes I get so fed-up that I made him re-write on a piece of foolscape paper, and glue this piece of paper over the page that he'd already supposedly "written" on. Like Bp, I pity his teacher who has to mark his work.