Friday, May 21, 2010

Will Crisitano Ronaldo , Wayne Rooney or Didier Drogba take up flower art please??

Remember some time last year when my son came home with all these beautiful floral arrangements from school? Read here if you dont recall.

Well, they were doing it in school again this year, and I must say, my friends who have seen his arrangements were most impressed. Some even requested him to give them classes!!

Anyway, there will be a floral art competition and exhibition coming up. Naturally, his teacher encouraged him to take part (but of course, he didnt tell me directly). He did bring up the topic and said that there would also be a short course for those who want to hone their skills.

He then suggested that I should go for the course. His rational being that since I loved his floral arrangements SO MUCH, I should go pick up the skill myself.

I then told him that since he already knew the basics, logically he should go on to develop his skill and talent further.

But all I got was a firm "NO" from him. Why? Because he is totally into soccer. Anything soccer goes for him. And which macho soccer star does floral art? NONE. So, it's not for him either, despite his skills :(

So all you soccer greats out there - if you so happen to be reading my blog, especially if you are Ronaldo or Rooney or Drogba, please, please, please can you take up floral art? You will be doing this Mum a BIG favour. (OK, I am only hopeful that those great players are reading this blog - hmmm maybe their agents or publicists are reading it and will pass the message.)

I think that's the only way I can get my son to pursue it.


NomadicMom said...

Hahaha... No such luck. I think.

bp said...

hoho, google and see if any of these guys or some other hero/great man is into floral arrgt?

N's arrgts are really v well done, and at such a young age, i get what u mean abt honing this skill and talent further. maybe it'll come back to him later? and if somehow soccer doesn't work out (supposing one dream job is to be like his fave soccer guys), this will be the backup! skills + interest are a great combo, yah!

Stardust said...

Maybe he'll change his mind sometime? ;)

Excited about your Kyoto trip! Been wanting to travel Kyoto, no chance yet. =( Since you'll get to see exquisite Jap style flower arrangement often, maybe there's a chance your boy gets touched by the works? ;)