Friday, March 5, 2010

We are the party people!!

Traditionally, once exams end, we usually let the children invite their friends over for a fun day at our home - with food, games and fun. As a result, I think, our children's friends think that we are the party people. Any invitation to our home must be for a PARTY!

CAs (continuous assessment) end this week for my son. These are minor exams which account for only 10% of the year-end grade.

My son broached the subject of having his friends over this weekend to work on a school science project. Naturally, we agreed, coz we like our children to bring their friends home (but actually, that's the best way of checking out his friends!!)

But when he called to invite his project group mates over - they assumed that they were going to come over for a party!! Mind you, these are new friends who have never been invited to our home before. (I guess our reputation travels fast!)

Must shed this party image - if not the kids always think that when they get invited over, its FUN time!

But of course, when they come I will provide food and snacks for them ... and if they finish their project work fast, there can be some kicking around of the football in the garden, or some tv games that they can enjoy together - BUT project work must come 1st! AND the main reason for coming is the project - and NOT fun, fun, fun!


bp said...

i'll love to gatecrash your parties too! you're always such a wonderful host whenever you have the kids' friends over, i'm sure they look fwd to it, the food and the fun besides just the serious studying.

thanks for coming by and sharing my same sentiments, may God be our guide, yah. meimei is still just getting better, and ben got well 1st. u have a great weekend now, SAHM, it's TGIF n i like how u always end the week on a light note here... i can always use those jokes of the week for a gd laugh, thanks! *hugs*

Stardust said...

Yep yep, project first! I get what you mean, this is so tricky. Well, I'll just worry about it many many years later. =P

JoMel said...

ditto to what Bp has said! I guess, you've built yourself a reputation among the kids. your home = food and fun! :D