Sunday, March 21, 2010

Parking woes no more!!

Yes, you read me right ... that is if I follow my children's great idea.

You see, recently when we were out shopping we found it so difficult to get parking. This I think is in part due to the new "relaxed" rules introduced by the government a few years ago whereby the parking ratio at shopping centres were relaxed. As a result, some malls converted parking lots to retail space. With more cars on the roads and less parking spaces - naturally parking is hard to come by nowadays!!

Last night, we brought the kids for their hair cut. But when we got there, there was not a lot in sight, yet there were many cars in the car park waiting for a lot. Why do they even allow cars to go in when the lots are all full?? (so that they can collect more parking revenue from those that go in to wait!)

Well, that is not going to happen anymore. Why? 1st my kids suggested that I park on the lot that had the words "no Parking" on it. They reasoned that if I park on it, no one can see the "no parking" sign, and thus I would not be fined. Duh!! The security personnel of the place would know where all the "no parking" spots are, I told them, and worse we may get wheel clamped! So that suggestion wouldnt work.

But their next suggestion would be worth trying out. They suggested that I carry yellow and white paints and brushes in the boot of the car. Then we can paint over the double yellow lines and park!! And If I carried white paints, I would be able to paint myself a parking lot anywhere I wanted!! Brilliant!

Guess, they must have been watching too much Mr Bean shows!


Stardust said...

Ahh.. kids, don't know to cry or laugh when they spill out something innocently like this. =P

bp said...

hahaha! i can picture Mr Bean doing all of these! thanks for the laugh, ur kids are creative n funny, sense of humour courtesy of SAHM's genes :)