Thursday, September 4, 2008

Totally Ineffective

That's me! Have not been able to do what I am supposed to do. That means I am - (according to the thesaurus) incompetent, inept, powerless, useless, weak, worthless, etc.

You see it is less than 5 weeks to the PSLE. I am supposed to make my daughter focus on preparing for the exams, but I have been totally unsuccesful.

She finds a thousand and one excuses not to do her work. She will play with her little sister, watch tv, go on the computer and spend hours checking her email (I am sure she doesnt receive that many emails everyday!), feed the fish, play with her mobile, you name it she does it - except focus on her revision.

The same with my son. Tell him to do his homework and he has so many excuses.

BUT why is it when hubby tells them - they say: Yes Pa! and before I know it they are doing their work. It makes me feel so useless. Cant even get my own kids to do work. AND I hate having to trouble hubby at work to get him to talk to them. Even if I try dangling a reward - say: "finish your work and then we will do something fun together" I still dont get the required response that I want. Short of losing my temper and taking out the cane (which I dread doing), I am unable to get them to do my bidding.

This sure makes me feel LOUSY!!


Ling That's Me said...

glad that you blog and share your troubles with us again. we are alws here to listen =)

kids are usually so close to their mummy that they can climb on top the head.

is it they feel that they have prepared themselves for the exams already?

just me said...

Cheer up!

It's just one of those 'down" days...

Stardust said...

Dear SAHM,

I really wish that I can say something that helps. Yet I know I'm in the least position to. =(

I pray that your kids will be more cooperative and understand your goodwill.

I think many parents have the same problem too, but it doesn't mean that all of you are useless. You meant well, and tried hard, right? Don't be too hard on yourself. Let's trust God to help.

bp said...

i have the same problem, and i have to tell my elder boy 167 times (or more!) to do one thing, before he'll do it. and bribing does not work.

but don't bash yourself up, as stardust said, we do our best and let God take care of the rest. and i know with your love and dedication, and there are so many things you do for your children, that will prepare them for the exams, and it's just wonderful you are there for them 24/7!

keep going now, be praying with you that S and N will be kwai-kwai and good students, and study hard, not just smart! try not to be too stressed yourself over the PSLE, i believe your girl will do really well! =)

iml said...

Maybe they too are begining to feel the stress and tension And this may be their avenue to de-stress. Have faith in them.