Friday, September 19, 2008

On the road to getting fit

Yes! After 8 months I have finally started on getting fit.

I decided that I had to do something about my fitness after noticing that even the hairdresser goes to the gym regularly, and her partner, cycles and exercises every week!! That was to me my wake-up call. I had to do something about my own fitness, or rather the lack of it.

I know I have been wanting to start this exercise regime for awhile. But there were always excuses. Marketing, dont like jogging, no time, etc. No more excuses for me.

I started last week with a 1.2km brisk walk. It took me 12 minutes to complete it. My kids "pooh-poohed" my effort when I told them, saying that the distance was too short and that I should jog.

The very next day, I tried jogging. But jogging is really not for me. After 500m I was panting!! So I went back to my brisk walk and covered a distance of 2km. I did break out in a sweat, and I think that was a good start. Now, 2 to 3 days a week, I go for my walk, walking a longer distance with each passing day. And it only takes up no more than half an hour of my time.

Hopefully this road will bring me from unfit to fit, and finally looking Fab!! Like they say: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and I have taken my first step. Have you?


iml said...

Yipee!!!! You finally took the 1st hardest step. To start. I am sure in time, with perseverance you'll be glowing in pink of health.

Stardust said...

Well done!! I love jogging more to brisk walk, but I've not jogged for years! I really miss Sg's climate that allows me to jog weekly. I felt so good then. Don't quit, keep walking! ;)

Jade said...

A good start for a fab looks at the end of your journey! I've been wanting to go to my office gym during lunch break or after work but my work just gets better of me...hmmm...excuses yah =P no more procrastination!...will definitely take my 1st step this week. M motivated by your post! =) Good Health is Wealth!

bp said...

yay, soon you'll look even more fab than ever! jia you, sahm!

for me, the "no time" is an even more valid excuse now, hehe... so running after the kids and running errands will have to count as the only running i'll do!

Yan said...

Have resisted not to "boast" about it, but when come to sharing good things with friends, I just can't not to "boast" :)

Believe me, I have been holding on for days to put a comment here. Now, what's there to boast about when you started your running?

Losing 8 kg in four months, going down from Size 18 to 12 in four months - yes, I have done that! (I am tall, 172cm)

And more.. my borderline 130/80 bp is now 110/70 stabilized.
And many more other health benefits.

Here are few tips to get you going -

Get a partner to run with you or whatever exercise you want to do.

Fix a time. For me, it's right after work. I walk about 4km. Even when I travel, I also took a walk at whatever park nearby.

Take oats for morning breakfast, eat normal food for lunch, and a meal replacement of low cal for dinner. Drink plenty of water.

Tell friends that you are on diet, or on exercise program. Reason? You don't want to be seen as having weak will, so you will be more determined.

Toast to good health! And keep it up.

Constance Chan said...

I think briskwalking is a wonderful fitness routine. I, too detest jogging. I think it is too stressful for my weight.. but briskwalking is very fun. i picked it up because my best friend who used to live in Australia is so addicted to it. She walked all the way from NUS to Bukit Panjang, and back! Can you believe it? Took her about an hour and a half and she is as fit as a fiddle.

I've had ex colleagues of mine who used to top the The New Paper Big Walk in the 90s for records and I never knew it was so much fun until I tried it myself.

Bengbeng said...

u will soon learn to enjoy the routine of walking. jogging is not necessarily the best way. long brisk walks raise the metabolism for a sustained period of time making it thus even more beneficial than for for example puffing n panting after a short non sustainable jog

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Everyone
Thanks for your comments and encouragement. Looks like this is something I will continue doing, not for losing weight (definitely! I am NOT overweight,) but for the fitness side of things.

Looks like you are looking Fab already. Congrats. Please do not thing you are boasting, it is encouragement for the rest of us.

Jazhobby said...


Just read abt ur blog, keep it up!


bp said...

Hope you're off to a nice start for this new week! All the best to S, sleep well, and don't be burning the midnite oil unless you absolutely have to =)


I used to gym 5 days a week before i had my son. now i totally cannot afford even the 30 mins a day as i leave the house at 6.45 am and reach home at 9pm. I feel so stressed out and damn tired every single day.