Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One good deed begets another

I was at the supermart today when the old lady in front of me struggled with her trolley at the checkout.

So I decided to help her out by unloading her trolley.

She was so thankful, but that was the least I could do.

Soon it was my turn. I checked out my purchases and was struggling with my 2 trolley loads of grocery shopping when an older woman came up and offered to help me navigate one. Bless her!

I was thinking to myself, that one good deed sure begets another!!

Then I drove to the wet markets. As I was parking my car, a gentleman came up, knocked on my window and offered me his unexpired parking coupon. I took it and thanked him for it.

What I thought was going to be a humdrum day when I woke up today, turned out better than expected.

So do some good when you can, Your returns may be a thousandfold!!

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doc said...

how true!

even if the kindness is not repaid on the same day, you will be sure to be given a rain check.