Monday, October 21, 2013

D goes shopping for clothes with me

D loves to go shopping with me. She loves to go into the changing room with me and give me her comments.

Mum, you can't buy that.

Mum, it's too transparent. You will need a camisole if you are wearing it.

Too tight. 

No sleeves mum! 

Buy the purple!! Buy the pink!!

Not black again!!!

All those comments made another shopper turn around to me and say: looks like you brought your personal shopper with you!!

And with her shopping with me is probably the reason why I have a pink dress in my wardrobe!! Can't imagine how I allowed her to talk me into buying that dress. Can you imagine a 50 year old in a pink dress??!!??


mo said...

Hello, Am also in my 50s.. but I love pink! Think it is ok to dress in pink. So go for it!
p/s love your postings.

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks mo for coming by. Guess I will have to wear that pink dress I bought. It is a really sweet pink (more for the younger crowd) but yes! I will wear it. Afterall 50 is the new 25!!