Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Socks, Socks

This post is the result of 2 sock incidents this morning.

The children's socks are put on their chairs every morning, so that they can put it on after breakfast, and then leave for school.

The youngest came this morning to her seat, put her socks on the table, and started on her breakfast.

"Socks should NEVER be on the dining table," I told her.

She removed it from the table and continued with her breakfast.

After finishing her breakfast, she went: "Where are my socks?" and proceed to look for them under the table, and all around.

They were on her feet!!

Looks like you dont have to be old to be absentminded.

My son then came to the table, and whist eating his breakfast started stretching his socks. Stretch left, Stretch right, Stretch, Stretch, Stretch. Something which he does everyday before putting on his socks.

You see his school socks are super tight, as in they stick to his feet and ankles. I think it is because of the material used by the school. And despite all that washing, its elasticity has not been lost in any way unlike the other socks that I buy.

I then told him: why dont you go to the school co-op to get a bigger size.

"No way! It will be really weird if me the small guy goes and buys the large socks!!" Not sure if the sizing of the socks are wrong, but his socks are really tight, and he wears a medium, and yes! he is still quite small in size.


bp said...

Hahaha! Your youngest is doing what this aunty here does! My kids are smaller also... my eldest is quite glad (relieved?!) there are a few schoolmates about his size, so he's not the only one.

Stardust said...


The mention of socks reminds me of Bear almost instantly. The sight of them gives me stress endlessly...

Hahahaha, laugh with me?