Monday, October 24, 2011

Post exam

You just wont be able to believe the number of "parties" the kids nowadays have, just because it's post exams.

Well, my son was invited to practically one every day after the exams and that went on for more than a week. It seemed like everyone wanted to host one, be it a soccer party, a karaoke party, a wii party, a swim party or whatever!!

Well, this cruel mum restricted his attendance to just a couple, (much to his chagrin). Well, this Mum needed a break from all that shuttling after the exams and deserves her break too!

Anyway, he did host one at our home, and I had allowed it as it was his first party for his birthday in 5 years!! And as his friends were all coming here for soccer on the field as well as on the wii, I baked them this:

A sports themed cake. Actually, it was his favourite cake, the flourless choc cake, just that I topped it with a ganache and those sugar cake toppers.

And you know, my son invited girls as well. A first! Gosh! my son is growing up!


iml said...

Love your cake deco. Must remember comes next year, he has to once again pull up his socks and hit the books.

stay-at-home mum said...

oh yes iml. I am well aware of that, and have just re-started his tuition for math coz he was spending too much time on the computer/tv/wii!! Bad mama!

Stardust said...

Oh dear it is the kind of cake that delights boys! How you do it? It's a sweet arrangement you've made for you boy, I'm sure he loves his reward for the PSLE he has worked so hard. ;)

Jane Kuan said...

What a beautiful cake! Great job. You are an Awesome Mom. Drop by to say hello. Welcome to my home.

doc said...

you posted that your son makes friends easily, so you can expect his birthday party to have a full house. having friends of the opposite gender shows maturity.

bp said...

What a great birthday that must have been, celebrated with friends and family, and post-exams to boot! And such a cool cake you made there, his fave kind some more :), I dig the ganache! :D

God's richest blessings to N as he grows! I also think having girls join in the party is a sign of growing up! ;p

Blur Ting said...

Wow, times have changed. I don't remember my kids having so many parties to attend.